Quilters Emergency Kit (2pk)


Why People Buy Them?

    • Unique kit for the quilter’s tote
    • Guild Member’s favorite gift
    • Fun starter kit for beginners

MSRP $23.90 A single kit weighs 0.50 lbs.

Product Description

Each Kit Contains: Adhesive Bandage – For pricked fingers, or use as tape Bobbin – As intended, or emergency dental floss Chewing Gum – Stress relief, sewing machine patch, or emergency tooth filling Container – Use as pin catch-all, or to store bobbins Duct Tape – The world’s greatest fix-all Emergency Chocolate – Tootsie Roll self-explanatory Finger Cot – Grabber, or a “little” something for the men Graph Paper – For making quilt designs Headache Remedy – Pain relief and fever reducer Needle Pack – As intended, or emergency wall tack Paper Clip – Note holder, sewing machine repair, bookmark, template holder Pencil – Draw quilt designs, or for marking Note Paper – As intended Quilter’s Survival Tip – A good thing to know Razor Blade ¬¬– Cutter, seam ripper, emergency snack opener Reflective Signal Surface – Use can top as a reflector Safety Pin – Emergency mending, basting, eyeglass repair, name badge clip, bra repair Sugar – Quick energy, or sweetener Tea Bag – Use as hot nourishment, or as soothing compress

NOTE: Brands May Vary

Additional Information

Weight .50 lbs
Dimensions 4.5 x 3 x 1.5 in


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