Menopause Emergency Kit (2pk)


Created by women for women… ’cause we get it!

This kit started with girlfriends & a bottle of wine (ok – maybe two). We were talking about our “hot flash” lives at “midlife.” We raised our glasses to who we are, where we’ve been, where we’re going & how much times have changed!
“Not Your Mother’s Menopause” was born & women (men too) from all over the world joined the conversation. So, we wanted to create something to have fun with this menopause “deal” that will make you smile and be useful too!
We found a company that packs items in sardine cans – the same process used by sardine factories on the coast of Maine! CRAZY how much we were able to fit into this can! Keep one in your car, office, purse, gym bag, travel kit!

Why People Buy Them

  • Unique Gift Idea!
  • Fun and useful items in a sardine can
  • Whole lot of fun for only $23.90
  • Give one to your best friend – keep one for your self

MSRP $23.95 2 kits weighs .50 lbs.

Product Description

Menopause Emergency Kit Contains

Towelette: “hot flash” relief
Magnifying glass: emergency “readers”
Tweezers: surprise facial hair
Tootsie Roll: emergency chocolate fix
Kotex pad: “I got my period?” or “I need to do Kegels!”
Emery Board: nail emergency
Lube: requires no explanation
Blistex: lips gotta have it!
Hair elastic: for hair & closing up that bag of cookies you opened in the car
Folding Fan: fold it up, secure with paper clip – cool yourself off!
Paper clip: make a fan & “keep it together”
Gum: bad breath emergency
Paper & pencil: memory help
Bandage: blister, shaving oops, a zit (what?!)
Toothpick: multi-purpose tool
Safety pin: wardrobe malfunctions
Headache helper: or any ouch-y
Sunscreen: protect that skin
Bag: keep all these goodies handy
Sparkles: celebrate good times – come on!

NOTE: Brands May Vary

Additional Information

Weight .25 lbs
Dimensions 4.5 x 3 x 1.5 in